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FOX ROAMER in a nutshell

FOX ROAMER bags are all about you. You Choose colour combinations that best express who you are in full glorious colour 


During the summer of 2020 designer Alia Roberts was looking for a bag that was simple, eco friendly, durable, long lasting and colourful. A bag that would be used for her everyday adventures, but had a fun and fashionable edge to it. After searching for a bag that offered a little bit more than the usual colour ways or multi coloured bags, she soon realised she wasn’t going to find a bag that would meet her needs, so she set about designing it herself. 

She started to develop a concept of a bag that could change colour and match our ever changing mood. After many months of designing the idea of single parts coming together to build a bag, started to take shape. With the first prototype being produced, the ‘mix and match’ format took hold.
The concept is simple. You choose from 4 single parts to mix and match colour combinations you like, hence the '+ + =' logo, and when you want to change one of those parts you can buy a single replacement part, attach it to the bag and you have a whole new colour combo to compliment your mood or fashion choice.



The first bag I ever made. I called it FOX

The exploration into leather started in the summer 2014 with a notebook cover for a project Alia was working on.
‘I hadn’t used leather before so it was new and exiting. After the notebook covers were finished, I decided to use the leftover pieces to make something else and not waste such expensive material. I decided to make a small bag that I gave to a friend of mine, I called that bag ‘FOX’ bag’.
So the FOX in FOX ROAMER come from the first bag Alia every made. The word ROAMER describes what we do when we go from A to B, usually with a bag over our shoulder. It’s also what a fox does when roaming for food, so it was the perfect word to accompany FOX and so the brand name FOX ROAMER was born.



All the materials that make the bags had to be natural and earth friendly, so no synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester and plastics are used, making us feel good about doing our bit too not damage the environment. Each item is made using leathers from some of Italy’s most prestigious tanneries specialising in vegetable tanned leather. All are straps are made from %100 cotton, and all our hardware is metal.



Each item is hand cut, assembled and hand finished by highly skilled people in our Hove studio, England.  

FOX ROAMER believe in promoting affordable craft and quality as a standard you can rely on. At its heart, the notion of good design shouldn’t cost the earth. We believe good design enriches us all and should be, and can be, available to all.


We have become much more aware of the studio’s impact on the environment when making and packing our product. We only use veg tan leathers, electric machinery is used in a minimal way, and we have banned almost all plastic from packaging. We use some sellotape for labels and reused plastic from our leather delivery’s for international shipping. With these changes came innovation. How to create bags that address contemporary issues of the day. Plastic pollution, throw away culture and much more. The studio came up with the idea of a ‘no sew’, ‘one piece’ leather bag that has many more environmental pluses than industry standard leather bags on the market today.

FOX ROAMER is a new company with a new idea that looks to the future of consumerism in a different and sustainable way.

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We are so excited about the future, we hope you’ll come on our journey with us.


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