Over The Lock at Shoreham Port

Over The Lock at Shoreham Port

Living not far from Shoreham, we decided to do our next shoot at the port and the lock.  

The following is a very brief history of Shoreham Port.
1086. Domesday Book includes reference to the township of “Soresham”.
In Norman Times. Trade expands rapidly for Port as major importer of wine and exporter of wool.
1346. Shipbuilding has become a major activity in the Port and Shoreham supplies 26 ships to Edward III for his fight with the French.
1826. The first Middle Pier is built at the north bank of the Port to regulate the tide.
1855. The locked canal is opened to shipping for the first time.

1944. Shoreham is a departure point for troops participating in the D-Day landings in Normandy.

2010. Shoreham Port Celebrates its 250th Anniversary at the heart of the community

All Rights Reserved. Photographs taken by Alia Roberts